XRF Testing 

X-Ray Inspection

RoHS Compliance Requirements

Toyoshima Green Tech uses the "Shimadzu" System for XRF Analysis.

Implementing RoHS compliance requirements greatly impacts supply chain. Some manufacturers do not change their part number when transferring parts from SnPb alloy to Lead-Free. This creates a grey area in the types of alloy that are used on parts. Because of this, XRF Testing/XRF analysis is required to differentiate leaded parts from lead-free parts.   


Our facility utilizes a non-destructive method to determine the type of alloy a termination is made up of. Devices such as BGA's, QFP's, and TSOPs, Capacitors, resistors and connectors can all be XRF tested. Our XRF tests analyze the composition and termination to determine if it is leaded or lead-free. 

A certificate is granted to reveal alloy composition once parts go through our XRF tests. 

For components recovered by Toyoshima Green Tech, we confirm the alloy of the termination with the customer to ensure they are to be converted. 

Toyoshima Green Tech provides an alloy conversion service as a part of our PCB repair business. This gives us the realms to convert the alloy of the terminations or to refresh the existing alloy. 

Metal composition of a termination (e.g. BGA Sphere or QFP lead) is also determined by XRF Testing/XRF Analysis. These methods are commonly used for lead-free testing and to identify ICs as lead-free or not.

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