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Upturn in requests from CEMS for solder addition to SMT connectors

Because there are more assemblies integrating with technology, issues arise with getting an accurate amount of solder on each joint. Some joints suffer from shorts or solder splashes from excess soldering. On the other hand, weak joints could also be caused by a lack of soldering when placing small and large components on the same PCB.

Due to the wicking nature of these types of SMT connectors, they become a weak point because of the lack of soldering. To compensate, time-consuming and risky second-hand soldering is added by some CEMS to help counter this problem.

We have been able to remove the need for second-hand soldering by preventing weak joints altogether by soldering to connectors before assembling to the PCB. This has proven to help our CEM clients immensely by saving them time and resources that could otherwise be used to put back into their company. 

SMT connectors Soldering
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