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Visual Inspection Criteria for Anti-Counterfeiting Services

Visual inspection carried out by Toyoshima Green Tech complies to the standards IDEA-STD-1010-B, MIL-STD-883G as well as the mechanical dimension standard of product datasheets. In addition to this, automated mechanical inspection tests are also performed on ICs for quality reassurance. 

During the visual inspection process, each order that is sent to Toyoshima Green Tech will first be checked externally. Starting with packaging condition and checking outer labels, carrier tape/trays, humidity, and desiccant presence. 

The actual devices will be inspected for country of origin, blacktopping, construction defects, appropriate markings, date codes, lead defects, logo markings, contamination, and tool/sand markings.

These tests will be able to distinguish new/unused products from remarked products. Refurbished products are considered Counterfeit they are being sold as New and Unused.

Toyoshima Green Tech will confirm the condition of your parts and document all results for your recovered components.

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