IC Repair

Component Repairing/Retesting/Repacking Services

We carry out a variety of repairs and refurbishments to ICs such as QFP lead straightening, IC Retinning, and Verification tests. 

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Lead Straightening

For ICs that have bent legs, we can straighten them to the original position to allow auto-placement. 

IC Retinning

The legs of an IC can be refreshed or removed and then replenished with either lead or lead-free alloy to resolve a number of issues. 

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Problems with old components: Problems during assembly may arise with older components due to solderability issues. Toyoshima Green Tech can remove these issues by refreshing the alloy on these components so they can return to their original condition.

Alloy  Conversion: Our services include converting leaded ICs to lead-free and vise versa. We provide an XRF test report to prove the conversion was successful once the process is done.  

Verification Tests:

Mechanical compliance: ICs are scanned after processing by a scanner that checks for issues such as lead deviation, slant, body damage, sweep, coplanarity, and then placed in a tape or tray.  

Electrical Compliance: Toyoshima Green Tech utilizes a wide number of electrical tests (ex: curve trace) to ensure that the component is undamaged. 

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Correcting Alloy – Toyoshima Green Tech uses XRF (X-Ray Fluorescence) testing to establish and verify the composition of alloy on a component lead.

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