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Checking for Counterfeit Programmable components

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Professional programmers are used to perform our flash memory tests in order to check for counterfeit programmable components. Because of our flash memory test tool, we can check device ID codes easily and test if your devices are clean of information or already programmed. 


Toyoshima Green Tech has numbers of programmers who cover over 100,000 different programmable part ranging from NAND to flash to programmable ICs as well as checking SRAM parts.

The software we use will flag any issues detected. Our counterfeit checking software will be looking at programmable parts that contain ID locations to detect defects. This is a very effective and reliable flash memory test.

If needed, our IC tests can be used to erase programs or memory in the device if the recovered programmable components have already been programmed. 

What makes our tests so effective is that they can be used for a vast majority of programmable components.

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