Leaded ICs into Lead-Free

Why Convert Leaded ICs to Lead Free?

Because of health and safety concerns, component manufacturers, as well as most high volume commercial businesses, chose lead free over leaded products. Although hard to find and obsolete, existing leaded components can still be found around the world.


Toyoshima Green Tech has the latest technology to convert leaded components into lead free components safely. This means preventing damage to the IC by not adding reflow cycles into the production. 

How is This Done?


  • An air knife is used to remove lead spheres in an automated process without reflow or abrasion to damage the product.

  • Lasers are used to attach new lead free sphers, also without reflowing the product.

Toyoshima Green Tech also uses auto clean technology, AOI inspection to check mechanical properties, and electrical testing to verify success of the process.

For Leaded Devices

  •  We safely convert solder on the lead while conforming to all GEIA standards in our automated process. 

Step 1

Step 1

The product is transported from the carrier tray by the automated vaccum pickup arm. 

Step 2

The product is fluxed while each side is in sequence.

Step 3

We preheat the product and perform a temperature check with a pyrometer. 

Lead Free PCB Chip Processing R2 Recycli

Step 4

Step 4

Each side of the product is dipped in a Solder wave in a Nitrogen controlled environment.

Step 5

Once processed, the product is returned to the carrier tray.

Step 6

We Clean, re-bake and vacuum pack the product with dessicant to control moisture sensitivity levels.

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