Lead Free ICs into Leaded

Why Convert Lead Free ICs to be Leaded?

Many industries are not required to use lead free processes; As a result, they continue to solder, using lead in their assemblies. Using Lead ICs is a dilemma that a lot of industries face as lead free IC is usually the most dominant process by volume. Because of this, in order to stay competitive, It is difficult for manufacturers to design lead ICs.

As a result, reliable industries have to convert lead free ICs to lead in their manufacturing process.


Toyoshima Green Tech has acquired the technology to develop a safe process, void of reflow cycles that could damage the IC, limiting the exposure to more reflow cycles than necessary.

How is This Done BGA's?

Step 1


  • Lead free spheres are removed by an air knife in an automated process – no reflow or abrasion to damage the resist or pads.

  • New lead spheres are attached by laser – no reflow


Toyoshima Green Tech uses auto clean technology, AOI inspection to check mechanical properties, and electrical testing to ensure the process has run successfully.

The automated vacuum pickup arm transports the device from the carrier tray.

The device is fluxed, each side in sequence.

The device is pre-heated then temperature checked with a pyrometer.

Each side is dipped in the solder wave. (Nitrogen controlled environment)

The processed device is returned to the carrier tray.

The devices are cleaned, then re-baked & vacuum packed with Moisture Sensitivity LeveL (MSL) dessicant.

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LFtoLS 4.jpg
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Step 2

Step 3

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Step 5

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