IC Recovery Holds High Value

BGA 2.png

Scrap PCBs may appear worthless to manufacturers, however, millions of dollars of usable, salvageable components are scrapped every day because they are attached to defective PCBs.


Companies could save substantial amounts of money if they recovered these components, and the environment would benefit from this as well. This would reduce landfills, costs, and counterfeit products, as their raw material supply would be decreased. 

Our Process

Step 1

To remove moisture, PCBs are prebanked to JEDEC standard. 

Step 2

The components are separated from the PCB board while avoiding normal reflow cycles on the IC. We process these boards at a far lower temperature (and shorter thermal cycles too). 

Step 3

Without anything touching the substrate during this step, solder is removed in a controlled hot air process. A consistent coating of solder is left on the pad, which avoids reballing issues. 

Step 4

Using a laser, each sphere is individually attached to the BGA during the heat-less reballing process. 

Step 5

Devices are washed with solvent and rinsed off or bulk of devices are batch cleaned.  

Step 6

Devices go through a series of mechanical tests to ensure quality.