Application Specific Balling and Reballing

Reballing BGAs with High Melting Point (HMP) Spheres

  • High Melting Point Reballing process minimizes stand-off

  • Improves mechanical consistency over a large operating temperature range

  • This process may be used in high temperature situations

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Reballing BGAs With Plastic Core Solder Balls

  • Minimizes stand-off

  • Lead free process

  • Will produce a better path length and improve inductance control for RF/microwave circuits

Primary Ball Attachment of LGA/QFN/LCC Packages

  • High melting point or plastic core solder balls

  • Stand-off height will be increased.

  • Mechanical integrity will be improved over a wide range of temperatures. 

  • Management of package will be improved to substrate TCE differences

Laser Balling on Specialist Substrates

  • Prevents reflow by minimizing heat transfer to substrate. 

  • May be used on a variety of materials such as glass and other substrates. 

  • Specialized packaging

  • Items can include medical devices as well as WLCSP and CSP products

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